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Liaison BPO

Riaison International Corporation is a Japan-based independent international business communications and other business process outsourcing service provider.
We provide fast, high quality and efficient administrative/clerical back-office and/or other business support outsourcing services to bring great success on your businesses in Japan in a cost-effective, honest, trustworthy and reliable manner.
Our proposals for the outsourced liaison services will be offered in various ways to satisfy a wide range of demands in accordance with your requirements/requests and to help you incerase profitability of your Japan-targeted businesses.

Liaison, Bilingual Business Communication Services offer

Supporting business start-up in Japan

Supporting business start-up in Japan

We can substitute a wide variety of business operations of liaison/representative/branch/subsidiary offices and/or finance/accounting/bookkeeping outsourcing services as your tugboat into the Japanese market.

Supporting doing business in Japan

Supporting doing business in Japan

Our services will be effectively provided online by emails, web meetings, phone calls, etc. We are agreeable for the on-site support provided by our finance and accounting professionals at your business facility inside Japan in case of staff vacancy or other necessary requirements.

introduction of/liaison with professionals in Japan

Introduction of / liaison with professions in Japan

Introduction/liaison services for communication with professions in Japan, such as social tax attorney, certified tax accountant, auditing firms (CPA), law firms or other businesses related eligible, would be available.

Tax agent for non-residents

Tax agent for non-resident of Japan

In case you are a non-resident of japan and still doing business in Japan, you shoiuld appoint a tax agent who resides in Japan and submit a Notification of Tax Agent to the district director of the tax office which has jurisdiction over your place for tax payment. We are pleased to be your tax agent and deal with the tax procedures on behalf of you.
Please refer to Income tax information for an individual who will leave Japan

Other Ad-hoc Liaison Services

Other ad-hoc communication/correspondences services

Ask us anything about your issues concerning starting/doing business in Japan, such as back office services, office support/management services, admin/clerical/secretarial services and/or any other liaison/representative/branch/subsidiary office operation related matters. We would like to cooperate and dedicate efforts to find the solutions for your requests.

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Accounting Service Package for Newly Established/Establishing Entity in Japan

CHOOSE: BPO Services for Foreign Companies inside Japan

Accounting BPO for Foreign Compnies inside Japan

Bilingual Accounting, Liaison BPO / Consulting Services for Foreign Companies inside Japan

Shortage of bilingual accountant may be a problem when operating businesses in Japan. We offer our recommendations to complete your financial and accounting and/or other back-office/administrative functions to develop your business in Japan.

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