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Company Profile

Company Profile, Riaison International

Company Name: Riaison International Corporation
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CEO: Rie Nakamura

Riaison International Corporation is an independent third-party accounting and other BPO service provider in Japan.
We provide high quality and cost-effective accounting and/or other business process outsourcing services to bring great success on your businesses in Japan in various ways to satisfy a wide range of demands.


Concept, Riaison International

Riaison, our company name, was created by combining LIAISON - link, connect, go-between, coordinate, communicate, join up, and more... - and the capital letter of our CEO's name, Rie.
Three rings shown on our corporate logo indicate connecting people and society, whole world and Japan, present and the future.
Riaison International Corporation respects human beings, cooperation, peace and sustainable global environment.
We hope we can be the LIAISON for your company to our members, your home country to Japan and the present to the future through our accounting and other BPO services.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, Riaison International
  • 1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    - Introduction and provision of our services relating to business creation/acquisition/financing, integration of such new business/acquisition/financing with the ongoing business, business performance improvement, management and internal control improvement, crisis management, restructuring and realization of value.
    - Providing of information through our publications (including via the email or the Website) and information on sales and subscription of such publications.
    - Information and administrative matters on seminars and work shops.
    - Selection at the time of recruitment of all employees and personnel management after being hired.
    - Social action programs, such as recommendation/ statistics/ research on services specified in 1. and in response to consultation from public agencies.
    - Response to your queries.

    The above purpose of use will be announced in the privacy policy on our Website. In case personal information is to be received directly from you, the purpose of use will be specified to you in advance.

  • 2. Implementation of Security Measures

    In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we will implement security measures including information security measures to prevent unauthorized access and to protect personal information from loss, destruction, falsification and leakage. We will also promptly correct any security measures if it is recognized that an improvement is required. Furthermore, we will establish personal information protection rules and management system based on this policy and make ongoing efforts to review and improve such rules and system.

  • 3. Organization/Structure

    A person responsible for the management of personal data will be appointed to every line of business within us to ensure that such information is managed appropriately. Training sessions will be provided to all employees on the protection and appropriate management of personal information for making thoroughly known the appropriate handling of personal information in daily business.

  • 4. Procedures for Responding to Requests for Disclosing Personal Data in Possession

    The procedures for responding to requests to disclose (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, cessation of use, elimination, cessation of provision to third parties) personal data possessed by us are as follows. If you would like to request for a disclosure, please contact us by following the procedures in the next section. Please note that you will be asked to bear the actual expenses required for such disclosure.

  • 5. Comments and Inquires on the Handling of Personal Information

    Riaison International Corp. will respond to your comments and inquires on the handling of personal information appropriately. Please contact us, for any inquiries on our policy relating to the protection of personal information, requests for the disclosure, amendment, cessation of use or deletion of your personal information or any other inquires you may have.

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