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Accounting, Liaison - international business communications, and other BPO Services in Japan, Riaison International Corporation

Riaison International Corporation is an independent third-party accounting and other business process outsourcing service provider in Japan.
We provide high quality and cost-effective accounting or other business process outsourcing services to bring great success on your businesses in Japan in various ways to satisfy a wide range of demands and to maintain/defend your business continuity in Japan.
We hope we can be the LIAISON for your company or office to our members, your home country to Japan, present to the future through accounting and other BPO services.

Accounting BPO

Accounting BPO Services

Bookkeeping, General Ledger
Accounts Receivables, Bill to customers
Accounts Payables, Arrange payments
Inventory Accounting, Depreciation, Amortization
Treasury, Cash-flow Management
Financial Analysis, Financial Reporting
Financial/Accounting Translation
Other Ad-hoc Requirements

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Liaison BPO

Liaison BPO Services

Supporting business start-up in Japan
Supporting doing business in Japan
Bilingual administrative/clerical back-office services
Introduce/recommend professionals in Japan
Liaison with HQs and professionals in Japan
Tax agent for non-residents
Other Ad-hoc Requirements

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Bilingual Accounting  & Liaison Services for Foreign Companies inside Japan

Bilingual Accounting and/or Liaison Services for Foreign Companies inside Japan

We know shortage of bilingual accountant is a problem when operating businesses in Japan. We offer our recommendations to complete your financial and accounting and/or other back-office/administrative functions to develop your business in Japan.

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Accounting Service Package for Newly Established/Establishing Entity in Japan

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Introduction to basic corporate accounting practices in Japan

Accounting ABC in Japanese Accounting ABC in Japanese HOME, Introduction to basic Japanese business accounting practices - English and Japanese available

introduction Introduction, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Balance Sheet (BS) Items & Income Statement (PL) Items, Five elements of Accounting and more...

Journal Entries Journal Entries, Examples of Journal entries for Sales, Purchases, Expenses, Acquisition cost, Depreciation, Amortization, Accruals and Adjustments

Closing TB Closing TB, Trial Balance - indicates movements/activities during a period and closing balance of Asset, Liability, Equity (Net Asset), Revenue, Expenses

Closing FS Closing FS, Financial Statements - Balance Sheet, Income statement

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Why Riaison International Corporation

list High-Speed

Various operations of accounting and other business processes will be provided with smoothness and high-speed by our BPO services to reduce the costs. Our real time outsourced services can respond even to your BCP-business continuity planning, BCM-business continuity management requirements.

list High-Specialities

We have recruited/developed our members with high specialties on operations of various industries to provide high quality accounting and liaison, business communication services.

list On-Demand

Capable members with strong and wide-ranging specialties are lined up to respond to every requirement and provide on-demand, one-stop business support services.

list One-Stop

We provide All-in-One services customized for wide-ranging demands, such as accounting, human resources, legal issues and others.

list BCP, business continuity planning / BCM, business continuity management

We will provide reliable, real time BPO services to ensure business continuity even in the event of disaster.

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