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Sakura Saku

Sakura Saku, a success

Cherry brossoms bloom, Japanese popular phrase representing a success

Feeling1: Achieve result, Efforts bear fruit
Feeling2: Win a game, Pass an exam
Feeling3: Success, Prosperity, Breakthrough
Feeling4: Open the door, Bright future, Start up
Feeling5: Open arms, Welcome
Feeling6: Happy, Delight, Beautiful, Amazing

Sakura & Tokyo SkyTree

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list Corporate registration when a non-resident of Japan establishes a subsidiary in Japan has been amended: March 16, 2015

NEWS onBiz in Japan

Corporate registration
when a non-resident of Japan establishes a subsidiary in Japan

On 16th March 2015, the Ministry of Justice of Japan made an official announcement that companies incorporating under Japanese Law no longer need a representative director who lives inside Japan, effective immediately from 16th March 2015.
refer: Announcement (only in Japanese)
Now, the commencement of business activities in the Japanese market is available without any resident of Japan. This is a great opportunity for foreign companies planning to launch their subsidiaries in Japan, as the legal procedures have been dramatically simplified to make levels of entry lower.


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Accounting ABC in Japanese
Introductin to Japanese corporate accounting practices

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Accounting ABC in Japanese
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