Accounting ABC in Japanese, Riaison International Corporation

Accounting ABC in Japanese, Basic Business Accounting in Japan

  • Introduction - Accounting & Bookkeeping, Balance sheet & Income statement Items, Five elements of Accounting


    Accounting & Bookkeeping, Balance Sheet (BS) Items & Income Statement (PL) Items, Five elements of Accounting and More...

  • Journal Entries

    Journal Entries

    Examples of Journal entries for Japanese business accounting practices. Sales transactions, Buy and Sell transactions, Expenses, Acquisition costs, Depreciation, Amortization, Adjusting Entries

  • Closing-TB, trial balance

    Closing TB

    Trial Balance - Asset, Liability, Equity (Net Asset), Revenue, Expense

  • Closing-FS, finamcial statement - balance sheet and income statement

    Closing FS

    Financial Statements - Balance Sheet, Income statement

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